Lead Field Settings

Complete Video Tutorial

With EezyyCRM, you can customize your Lead Fields based on your company or business requirements.
You can simply enable or disable an existing field, add a new field or restrict your users to edit the existing field.
You can also modify which fields are mandatory and which fields to be displayed in the over view page.
Hence, the Leads Page is Super Flexible and super customizable in an easy way.
Inorder to do this, go to settings menu on the top right corner.
Then Navigate to Lead Field Settings and then you can customize everything over here.
You can enable or disable an existing field or make an existing field as mandatory or you can enable the particular field to be displayed in the overview page and you can restrict your employees from editing the particular field.
Also, you are having an option to add a new field with the settings mentioned above and along with that you can also select the type of field that you need, whether it is a textbox or text area or dropdown or a calendar.
You can also define the width of the field here.
Once you have added a custom field, you are also having an option to delete or modify the same.