Lead Capture

Complete Video Tutorial

You can simply collect all the new enquiries from your website directly to the CRM instead of capturing it in different emails and then adding it to the CRM for final consolidation manually.
It can be done in 2 simple steps.
Step 1 : Copy Code
Inorder to do this, Go to Lead Capture Page from the menu on the left side.
You will find, Get Lead Tracking Form, button on the top right side.
Click on the Get Lead Tracking Form and you will find the I Frame Code here.
Simply Copy the code from here.
Step 2 : Paste it in your website pages wherever you need to insert the contact form.
Once the code is pasted, the form will automatically appear on your website pages wherever you have added.
If someone fills the form, then the lead will be captured automatically in the Lead Capture Page and you can move the lead from Lead Capture page to the All Leads page after confirming that it is a valid lead.
You can also setup an automated email to be triggered to your email whenever someone fills the form.
In order to do this, go to settings and then go to lead capture settings.
In here, you can enter the email id to which you want to receive the notification whenever someone fills the form.
This is a very powerful tool for capturing the leads. You can also use this form in your landing pages or in any other campaign and you can use the same code in multiple source or websites as well and all the data will be captured in the same place.