Lead Capture

Make sure to add your embed code in your website or landing page inorder to capture the leads directly.

  • Go to your Lead Capture Page and click on Lead Capture form to get the Embed Code.
  • Copy the code and paste it in your website.
  • The style sheet is also embedded in this layout and hence even if you use old version of the website, the form will display in a presentable manner.
  • If anyone fills the data, automatically it will be captured in the lead capture page.
  • From here, you can filter the valid data and move it to your lead page for further processing as you may received some junk data also at times.
  • You can use the same form in different places as well and all the datas will be captured in one place.

  • You can delete unwanted junks datas captured from the lead capture form here itself.
  • You can also export only these datas  in multiple formats inorder to assess your campaign result if you perform any.
  • This is one of the powerful tool to capture the new leads in a much effective way.
  • You can also create landing pages when you run adwords or Facebook Campaign and use this form to capture all in 1 plae.