Make sure to setup your Invoice Settings in the User Menu before creating any invoice.

  • Can create unlimited invoices
  • Client details will be fetched automatically from the clients page and product/service details will be fetched automatically from the product page.
  • Can also do manual entry of billable product according to your requirement.
  • Make sure to create bank accounts, invoice status & payment mode, Taxes from your general settings tab and perform the Invoice Settings once before creating the invoice. This will make your work easier and you can also track the details easily in the future.
  • Details like Invoice prefix, invoice number, default invoice due date from the date of invoice, default bank, status & payment modes, client notes as well as terms & conditions can be predefined in the Invoice Settings Page.
  • Can add discount in percentage and shipping cost as well while creating the invoice.
  • You can create invoices with different currency as well if you maintain International clients.
  • Can add multiple tax to the single product based on your Country requirements.

  • Can view the invoice and download the invoice in PDF format, so that you can mail the invoices to the clients directly.
  • Can add payments to the invoice and send updated invoice with payment received.
  • Can change the status of the invoice whenever required and generate pdf version at any point in time.
  • Default settings can be modified for individual invoices if required without affecting the future records.
  • Can modify the invoice details if required without changing the invoice number which will be really useful for accounting purposes.