Make sure to create Income category, Payment Mode & Bank account in the General Settings page before adding any income.

  • Can create unlimited income with reference ID, Date, Income Category for easy tracking, amount, details about the income, payment mode, bank account, recepit and description about the income if required.
  • This details will be recorded and can be used in multiple places for analysis like the category in which you have received more income, the mode in which you have received more income, etc.,
  • You can also get an overview of the overall income that you have received till data, by month, by week and daily income.

  • All recorded datas can be used for analysis in reports section, in graphical representation, in bank accounts, etc.,
  • Can view the complete details about the recored income and can view the uploaded receipt/invoice for reference whenever required.
  • Will also capture the employee who added this income incase of multiple employees having access to income function.