Why no free trial?
We believe that if you get something for free, then you might not use it wisely. You can try our product with a monthly subscription and then upgrade it to a long term plan.
How to Use it?
You can simply join us and by seeing the admin panel itself you will understand how to use it. Apart from that you can see our tutorial below for better understanding if required.
Why should I buy EezyyCRM?
With regards to the features, security, pricing and performace of our system, we stand out in the market and in order to grow your business, this will help as a major tool.
I don't like your product ?
We have 7 days no questions asked refund policy. You need to write a mail to support@eezyycrm.com from your registered mail ID and your refund will be processes asap.
Does this includes free setup?
Our system in 100% user friendly and you can setup the entire system on your own. But if you need assistance, we are happy to help and we don’t charge any fees for that.
What do you mean by support?
Support includes both technical and sales support realted to any features in our system which you couldn’t be able to understand or use and how to make it work more effectively.

Can’t find your answer. Kindly write us to info@eezyycrm.com and we will get back to you immediately.