Employee / User

Make sure to create Employee/User Roles & Employee Departments in the General Settings page before creating any user.

  • Can create unlimited users
  • Can allocated different roles to different users based on your requirement.
  • Can add their personal details, educational details with documents, past employment details with documents and official details which includes salary and other documents.
  • Can Ban the user without deleting the user account.
  • Can change the password of your employee/user in case of any requirement.
  • Can edit and modify the data based on your requirement.
  • Can view the employee/user profile along with profile picture and documents submitted inorder to understand the complete details about your employee at any point in time.
  • You can create Departments independently according to your organization and role independently based on the access rights for a single user. This will provide you with huge flexibility.
  • Once any user is created, they can login to their account in the same url as yours but with different user panel based on their access level.