Employee / User Role Features & Functions

  • Can create unlimited roles.
  • Can customize it according to your requirement.
  • Can restrict user roles with viewall(global), View(own), Create, Edit, View & Delete functions.
  • Can modify the access given at any point in time.
  • Can delete an existing role according to your requirement.
  • Can give complete access or partical access with the help of Global & Own view.

The functions are explained clearly below.

Go to View All or Add New under General Settings –> Employee Roles

If you go to View All, then you can see all the existing roles if you have created any or you can simply go to Add New to create a New Role.

You only have to understand the meaning of the below terms before setting up the user role.

1. View(Global) – Your employee can see all the records added by all the employees/users in your organization for that particular function.

2. View(Self) – Your employee can see only the records added by himself/herself for that particular function.

3. Create – Can create New record.

4. Edit – Can edit the existing record.

5. View – Can view the complete details about the record which is not listed in the table view.

6. Delete – Can delete the record.