About Us

We are a young and dynamic team who focuses on increasing the life of billions of entrepreneurs around the World. Our goal is to provide a much better and efficient solution at a most affordable cost which will help the entrepreneurs to grow their business rapidly and most effectively.

Our Mission To reach a minimum of 1 million clients with our CRM solution in order to manage their business much effectively by the end of 2019.

Our Vision To help startups and small entrepreneurs to grow rapidly with the help of most efficient online tool at a much affordable price.

Our Values

  • Provide cost effective solution with a much better value
  • Deliver what is committed on time
  • Understand the problem of every entrepreneur and provide solution in a much effective way.


CRM programming that empowers a business to manage all the affiliation’s joint efforts with customers just as potential customers. The CRM normally incorporates a publicizing motorization arrange, bargains following programming or module, and contact the board for customer advantage just as particular assistance. A CRM is an astounding and important contraption that should be utilized to improve your business on all measurements. A lot of associations doesn’t abuse a CRM or its abilities. Right when a contraption gives you this much accessible to you it is huge that it is used effectively.

CRM Software

The Role of a CRM A great position CRM improves the circumstance you are it gives you wide scope of security. Clearly, CRM isn’t the only thing that is in any way important, yet it is unquestionably a titanic estimation to recall. A multipurpose CRM like EezyyCRM offers various choices to utilize and will empower you to discard the prerequisite for various applications. For instance, EezyyCRM cloud-based will fill in as a business CRM, a contact the board structure, and publicizing programming. You will have the ability to streamline your applications, put aside some money, and take out the usage for those other programming applications. Center Research created a paper two or three years back that communicated, “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications continue passing on extraordinary yield on theory (ROI), with a typical bit of leeway returned for every dollar spent.
Exhibiting Automation of the CRM
The exhibiting motorization suite empowers you to make various formats and email impacts. You’ll have the option to pass on leaflets/assertions and have the ability to try adjusted spill advancing endeavors that would all have the option to be automated. You’ll also have all of your contacts in a solitary spot with each recorded exchange that has been had with them. Merge that with the ability to make web structures to leads that are explicitly transported into your CRM and you have a whole publicizing plan.
Arrangements Automation
The business computerization section empowers you to make custom arrangements organizations to pass on to potential customers. You can robotize your business system by making an express work process that is changed for you. By and by, the system will train you with each lead or customer. You won’t have to screen it in light of the way that the CRM programming will do it for you. How important is that?

CRM Software

Finally, how does this all work? Everything considered, EezyyCRM has a cloud-based CRM course of action. That suggests you can get to the CRM from a PC, Laptop, or Mobile Device. This in like manner infers the cost is much lower since you don’t have to pay for extra gear to set everything up. The cloud is through various Web Services, which is the most secured cloud system which is accessible. Affiliations use EezyyCRM answers for a grouping of reasons. At first, the CRM business was adjusted basically towards arrangements and PR people and offered a way to deal with store customer information and track correspondence with those customers. Today, CRM courses of action straddle a couple of areas of business, including customer relationship the administrators, displaying, examination, correspondence, and even lightweight endeavor the officials. Some CRM structures even have worked in chatbot and calling capacities, so reps can talk with clients direct in the system.

CRM Software

Today, even free organizations can stand to place assets into mind blowing customer relationship the officials programming, thanks in generous part to the duplication of sensible SaaS game plans, which pass on heaps of handiness without the grumble of an essential programming utilization adventure. Layered esteeming structures and lots of contention suggests SMB have their pick of easy to use CRMs that improve the customer relationship the official’s strategy, yet a great deal of choice can be overwhelming. Luckily, we did the constant work of taking a look at and testing CRM things for you.