Bank Accounts

Make sure to add all your bank accounts if you have multiple accounts inorder add income, expense & Invoice independently.

  • Can create & manage multiple bank accounts.
  • Bank accounts can be used at the time of generating the invoice. If a bank account name is selected from the dropdown while creating the invoice, it will automatically fetch the complete details of your bank and will generate invoice in PFD format.
  • You can send this to your clients directly without mentioning or typing your bank details seperately in mail again and again.
  • Can be used whenever you make an entry in income or expense.
  • Select the bank account from which the expense is made or income is received and it will be recorded in your individual bank details.
  • It will automatically add all your income and subtract all your expenses and will show the available balance in that particular bank account.
  • You can also click on the view button to see all the income and expenses made in that particular account.
  • You can suspend a bank account at any point in time instead of deleting it.