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Eezyy CRM is designed to manage all your employees, leads, employee daily timesheet, existing clients, invoices, support system, task management as well as your finances including income and expenses with multiple Bank accounts in a single panel. It is a highly customizable panel with which you can modify most of the features according to your business requirements.

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Eezyy CRM was originally designed to minimize the pain points of managing a Small and Medium Sized Companies with regards to Clients, Employees and Finances.
The Core Brain behind the development of Eezyy CRM is having a huge experience in handling clients with regards to multiple industries and he found that most of the startup, small and medium scale companies are lagging in maintaining their own customers, new leads, followups with them, invoice tracking, finances and many other minor things which are affecting their business in a huge way. They are losing so many potential clients as well as their existing clients in the long run.
Hence, we produced a system which will help them to overcome all these growth hurdles in their business and help them to reach next level in their Business.

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Primary Features

In our easy to manage CRM, you can customize most of the features according to your business requirements which is ultimately making our system a much better platform for you to manage your business. Some of our primary features are listed below,

Unlimited Users

You can add unlimited users with different access roles & departments as per your requirement for your company. We do not restrict your growth by the no.of users at any point in time.

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Best Possible Price

We don’t charge per user basis. We charge only for the company. Hence our costing is very less when compared with any other CRM Providers in the Market. We are here to help !!

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Hand Picked Features

Our system is designed by experts by keeping the necessity of the Business Owners in mind which will help you to grow and manage your business easily & effectively.

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Why Us?

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Lifetime Access

Pay once and use it for life. As simple as that. No restrictions.

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Minimal Price

You can get access to our product with a very minimal investment.

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Unlimited Users

Create as many user as you want. We will support you in your growth.

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Highly Customizable

All the features can be highly customized according to your requirement.

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Multiple Integration

From payment gateway till lead generation, you can integrate multiple things.

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Easy to Use

A simple platform which is very easy for any one to use for better productivity.


You can create multiple departments, roles, status for different functions, source, multiple tax options, seperate support departments and many more in our system.

Our Membership Plan

Get the Best Price in the Market with EezyyCRM. We don't charge based on Users but we will charge per company. This will drastically reduce your CRM Usage Cost of your Company.

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Why should I buy EezyyCRM?

With regards to the features, security, pricing and performace of our system, we stand out in the market and in order to grow your business, Eezyy CRM will help as a major tool.

Does this includes setup?

Our system is 100% user friendly and you can setup the entire system on your own. But if you need assistance, we are happy to help and we don’t charge any fees for that.

How to Use it?

You can simply join us and by seeing the admin panel itself you will understand how to use it. Apart from that you can see our tutorial below for better understanding if required.

What is your support?

Support includes both technical and sales support related to any features in our system which you couldn’t be able to understand or use and how to make it work more efficiently.

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