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Eezyy CRM is designed to manage all your employees, leads, employee daily timesheet, existing clients, invoices, support system, task management as well as your finances including income and expenses with multiple Bank accounts in a single panel. It is a highly customizable panel with which you can modify most of the features according to your business requirements.

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Eezyy CRM was originally designed to minimize the pain points of managing a Small and Medium Sized Companies with regards to Clients, Employees and Finances.

The Core Brain behind the development of Eezyy CRM is having a huge experience in handling clients with regards to multiple industries and he found that most of the startup, small and medium scale companies are lagging in maintaining their own customers, new leads, followups with them, invoice tracking, finances and many other minor things which are affecting their business in a huge way. They are losing so many potential clients as well as their existing clients in the long run.

Hence, we produced a system which will help them to overcome all these growth hurdles in their business and help them to reach next level in their Business.

Why Us

Unlimited users

You can add unlimited users with different access roles & departments as per your requirement. We do not restrict your growth by the no.of users at any point in time.

Best Possible Price

We don’t charge per user/month basis. We charge only for the company/month. Hence our costing is very very less when compared with any other CRM Providers.

Data Security

We use highly reliable cloud server with 99.99% uptime & advanced security features with automated backup for securing your data in a best possible way.

Hand Picked Features

Our system is designed by experts by keeping the necessity of the Business Owners in mind which will help you to grow and manage your business easily & we add periodically new features.


In our easy to manage CRM, you can customize most of the features according to your business requirements which is ultimately making our system a much better platform for you to manage your business.

You can create multiple departments, roles, status for different functions, source, multiple tax options, seperate support departments and many more in our system.

Apart from the features mentioned, you can also easily generate high end reports with different From & To date and get your reports based on weekly, monthly & yearly and more with regards to Finance, Task, Leads, Clients, Contact, etc. You can also download these reports in different formats which includes pdf, csv, excel or print option.

This will really help you to understand the performace of your business over a period of time and make necessary amendments incase of any lag in the existing performace of your team and different sectors.

We are also having a To Do tab which will help you to create your personal calendar with different priority levels and you can view it based on your monthly, weekly and daily schedules.

Users/ Employees

Create and manage unlimited employees / users with different roles for every person with different access levels based on your requirement.

Lead Pipeline

A robust system to track the status of every lead in a single view with different status which will help you to close the deal easily.


Manage unlimited clients easily with regards to creating and managing invoice as well as receiveing payments & tickets.

Lead Capture

Yet another powerful tool to capture your leads from anywhere with an easy to embed lead generation form and capture the leads directly.

Support System

Accept and manage tickets from your existing or new clients and keep track of the update with % progress status easily & regularly.


Easily create and manage all your leads & its source with different status markings according to your company’s requirement.

Daily Time Sheet

A simple yet powerful tool to manage all your employees & their daily work update with response system to make the update more interactive.


An invoice system to create and manage all your payments smoothly with high level customization features.


Manage your Income, Expense with multiple Income Categories  & Bank Accounts and track your finance easily at any point & time.


Allocate a task to any team member / employees and manage the progress of the task completion with % completion status so easily.



Good for Startups

Rs. 9,999/-

All the available features in the current CRM will be available till the subscription period with Minor & Major Free features upgrade. 

One Time

Limited Offer

Rs. 24,999/-

All the available features in the current CRM will be available for Lifetime with Minor & Major Free features upgrade. 


We can help you with some basic questions that you might come up with but feel free to chat with our support executives if you have more queries.

We will help you in understanding our product features & functions to the maximum possible extend and we assure you that we will be one of your strong pillars for your business growth.

Our interface is simple to use with strong documentation about the features and how to use it effectively for your business growth.

You can also checkout our complete 7 minute video tutorial about our entire product below.

Why no free trial?

We believe that if you get something for free, then you might not use it wisely. You can try our product with a monthly subscription and then upgrade it to a long term plan.

Why should I buy EezyyCRM?

With regards to the features, security, pricing and performace of our system, we stand out in the market and in order to grow your business, Eezyy CRM will help as a major tool.

Does this includes free setup?

Our system is 100% user friendly and you can setup the entire system on your own. But if you need assistance, we are happy to help and we don’t charge any fees for that.

How to Use it?

You can simply join us and by seeing the admin panel itself you will understand how to use it. Apart from that you can see our tutorial below for better understanding if required.

I don't like your product ?

We have 7 days no questions asked refund policy. You need to write us a mail from your registered mail ID and your refund will be processed 7 working days.

What do you mean by support?

Support includes both technical and sales support related to any features in our system which you couldn’t be able to understand or use and how to make it work more efficiently.

Become an expert

Eezyy CRM is designed in such a way that every one can use it very easily without much guidance yet we have created a complete 7 minute video tutorial for you to understand the complete functions and make use of every feature which is available in the CRM to attain maximum benefit out of it. We highly recommend you to watch this video at any point in time to gain a complete knowledge about our system.

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